Artificial Intelligence Training

We offer bespoke, sector specific workshops, from all staff presentations to intimate, interactive workshops with leadership and specialist teams.

We equip decision makers to make smart AI investments, or simply help teams understand how it works and its influence in their industry.

Why AI training?

AI is now so advanced, it’s hard to think of a business it couldn’t improve. The bigger, more complex an organisation, the more AI can transform performance.

Naturally, there’s a lot of excitement about AI but many still don’t understand how it works, or its limitations. Fortunately, we have really experienced professionals to help you make sense of the technology and make it work in your business.

AI training activity

  • Online course offered to all staff
  • One day of AI workshops
    - 1 x All staff town hall
    - 2 x Bespoke senior team workshops
    - 1 x Leadership workshop

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AI workshops


  • Learn the basics of how AI works, separating science fiction from fact
  • Build a common understanding across teams to collaborate more easily
  • Discover where AI can be applied to improve your business
  • Explore real-life case studies of how AI is transforming business in your sector.

Dr. Johan Himberg

Johan has been a data scientist for over 20 years. His knowledge enhances customers business capabilities using his expertise of machine learning. Dr. Himberg’s strengths are customer segmentation and process analytics.

He has carried out projects in the retail sectors where he dealt with Business Intelligence challenges, Analytics and Automation. He has been responsible for mapping out multiple businesses’ data architectures; as well as creating statistical models to dissect consumer behaviour.