1. Every second counts

The faster the page, the more the revenue 

In high-volume e-com reducing the loading time has a major impact on sales. 1s faster response time can lead up to 4-10% increase in revenue. On the other hand, a 1-sec delay can impact mobile conversion by 20%.

Decreasing adidas.com loading time to half - now industry lead.

2. Start small, gather data, scale fast

First is the product page, then product listing and search (where 60% time is spent).

From 4 to 200 releases per year, focus on growth and learning.

3. Differentiated retail

Millennial audience demand new shopping environments.

Functional and clean "few clicks" websites selling products at competitive price and offers are not enough for new audiences buying products like sneakers, design or cosmetics.

At the same time, strong brands plan to better control how they sell their products on retail partner websites.

Move away from typical e-commerce patterns towards an experience that feels more like social feed and blurred lines between viewable content and shopping.