AI Training for Alawwal Bank

“What I got from the course was a lot about what AI actually is, and what it can do in terms of how we use the technology.”

Soren Nikolajsen, Managing Director, Alawwal bank

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Alawwal bank supported the launch of Elements of AI with workshops and a comprehensive internal and external communications plan. The bank also incentivised early enrolment with cash prizes for the first 100 to graduate, as well as displaying a roll call of staff graduation certificates on all internal TVs.

Press releases, MD interviews and social media videos featuring staff all helped contribute to the bank’s reputation for innovation.

This prompted the MD to be invited to discuss the initiative at several regional events, as well as helping the bank win the Arabian Business ‘Best Innovation Project’ award.

Within a few weeks the bank had AI trained staff right across the business, from branch cashiers to marketing managers – even the MD himself.

The bank launched the course internally with a series of workshops:

1. Leadership team workshop
Introduction for bank’s MD and direct reports on AI’s benefits and limitations & case studies relevant to the banking sector

2. IT/Digital team workshop
In depth look at AI and how to manage successful applications for the organisation

3. General all staff workshop
Introducing AI, separating fact from fiction and introduction to Elements of AI

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How important is AI to the bank?

AI can help you work smarter, faster and safer - and make a positive difference in how you service your customers:

  • Improve customer service by being more relevant in what we offer - AI can interpret vast quantities of customer data to better predict behavior to offer what they really want
  • Improve your control environment, efficiency and strategy by bringing more of your data together and using it in smarter ways
  • Reduce the risk of fraud by looking at more information more accurately e.g. detect payment patterns in a much smarter way and raise instant alerts.

How important is AI to Saudi Arabia?

  • PwC estimated that AI could contribute US$135bn or 12.4% to Saudi GDP by 2030
  • A national centre for artificial intelligence is being set up by royal decree to support Vision 2030 by developing innovation and performance efficiency through AI
  • The Crown Prince, Mohamad bin Salman al-Saud, has taken a personal interest in AI, explaining its central role in his vision for a new planned city, NEOM: "Everything will have a link to artificial intelligence".