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We do Application Innovation, Data Engineering and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Cloud

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Your trusted technology partner in the UAE

We design, develop and deploy modern application software and architectures for organisations, so you can release faster, scale bigger, and be more successful.

We architect, design, develop and deploy Data Analytics Platform solutions to ingest, store, process, analyse and visualise data sources from across your enterprise to give you deep insights into your organisation.

We design, train, build, and deploy mission-critical AI enabled solutions that can analyse images, comprehend speech, make predictions using data, and imitate other intelligent human behaviours, with incredible precision, accuracy, and speed.

Cloud Migration

Cloud technologies are at the center of the digital transformation revolution. The cloud has changed more than the way we implement and manage IT.

It is changing the very fabric of business. With ready access to data, and intelligent new ways to view, analyse and use the information, the cloud has engendered powerful new capabilities which are disrupting entire business models.


The significance of ecommerce has never been greater, yet few brands get it right.

At Reaktor, we help large companies innovate within their existing infrastructures and conditions. The smartest way to reboot an ecommerce site is not to tear it all down and retrain an entire staff in something new. Rather, it’s to innovate, improve, and build upon existing systems, fine tuning them for success.

Artificial Intelligence Training

We offer bespoke, sector specific workshops, from all staff presentations to intimate, interactive workshops with leadership and specialist teams.

We equip decision makers to make smart AI investments, or simply help teams understand how it works and its influence in their industry.